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Best Vape Shop in San Antonio, TX

GeekVape Aegis Legend

Why are we the best vape shop in San Antonio?

Our vaping selection is the largest in San Antonio! Including beginner, intermediate, and advanced vape kits, vape pens, drip tips, & RDA’s, and disposables. We have over 100 flavors of AUTHENTIC Esco Bars and over 75 flavors of AUTHENTIC Elf Bar (EB Designs) disposable vapes, we also carry Mike Tyson Bars , and FREE soft drinks, and a comfortable massage chair!

Vape store interior
Vaping store 510 & 810 drip tips for sale
Custom Premium E-Liquid samples

Our vape shop opened in 2013, and we were one of the first vape stores in San Antonio 10 years ago. We have helped thousands of people quit smoking cigarettes and find a healthier alternative that satisfies their nicotine urges. If you are wanting to stop smoking, please stop by! Our vape shop's inviting atmosphere, impressive selection of vape inventory, CBD, custom-made-to-order juices and flavors, and knowledgeable and friendly staff make us the go-to San Antonio vape shop for beginners and advanced vaping enthusiasts. Our vaping store has everything you could want, from small vape pens to advanced dual 18650 mods. We are a proudly dedicated vaping store and not a smoke shop. We don't sell or carry anything combustible.

Suorin Air Pod System

Vape Juice & Eliquids

Our shop has over 130 custom-made-to-order vape flavors, and you can add menthol, or mint to any flavors you want to add a cooling effect! Many customers have made their own flavors, and we can keep them on file so you can order them again. Can't find a flavor you bought at a different vape shop? Replicating some flavors takes a while, but we will do our best. Our premium custom-made E-liquids come in varying combinations of food-grade, USP Vegetable Glycerin (VG), and Propylene Glycol (PG), and we offer the following options: 70/30 PG/VG, 50/50 PG/VG, Max VG, which is closer to 90% VG and 10% PG depending on the nicotine strength you choose. Our MAX VG produces bigger clouds and can be used in many tanks, RDA’s and drippers. We also offer Salt Nic, and we offer Salt Nicotine in 50 (5%),40 (4%),24 (2.4%),12 (1.2%), 10 (1%), 6 (.6%) and Zero 0 (0%) nicotine. Looking where to buy flavorless vapes? We also sell e-liquid that has zero flavor! Looking for a nicotine-free vape? Our Zero percent is completely nicotine free and is a no-nicotine vape! Nicotine strengths can also be referred to as five percent, four percent, and zero nicotine, aka nicotine-free.

Smok Nord Starter vapor Kit

Vape Kits & Pod Mods

We sell beginner starter, intermediate, and advanced kits too. Our small Caliburn and Koko kits are concealable and great options for lower nicotine strengths if trying to ween off high nicotine disposables.

Starter Internal Battery Mods: Suorin Air, Suorin Air Pro, Suorin Air Mini, Caliburn, Koko, Drag Nano 2, Voopoo Drag S.
Intermediate/ Advanced Internal Battery Mods: Geek Vape M100, Geek Vape Hero, Smok Nord 4, Freemax Twist
Starter Single Battery Mods: Voopoo Drag X, Voopoo Drag X Pro, Voopoo Drag X Plus, Suorin Tridant
Intermediate/ Advanced Single Battery Mods: Geek Vape S100, Geek Vape Ageis Solo, Smok Fortis
Starter Double Battery Mods: Freemax Maxus Max, Voopoo Drag 2, Voopoo Drag 3
Intermediate/ Advanced Double Battery Mods: Geek Vape Legand, Geek Vape L200, Freemax Maxus 200, Vaporesso Gen S

Vaping Tanks:

GeekVape Tanks: Cerberus, Zeus and Zeus Max, Obelisk
Smok Tanks: Nord/2 and Nord X, RPM Pods, TFV16
Voopoo Tanks : PNP/TPP pod tanks, Argus Air, MAAT Tank
FreeMax Tanks: Maxus/Maxus Pro, FireLuxe
HorizonTech Tanks: Falcon II & Falcon King

Coils for Vaping our Vape Store Stocks

We sell and stock over 100 different coils and we get new shipments in twice a week. Having a hard time finding a coil for your vaping tank? We can special order coils if there is enough demand for them. Here are just a few of the coils we carry: W stands for Watts or Wattage - O stands for Ohms
Geekvape Coils for Geekvape Tanks: Zeus (.15 ohm 80-90 Watts, .2 70-80 Watts, .4 50-60W, .25 45-87W)
, Cerberus (.15 80-90W, .2 60-70W, .4 50-60W, .25 45-55W), Boost (1.2 10-14W, .2 50-58W)

Smok Coils for SmokTanks : Baby Beast Tanks (Q2 .4 55-65 W, Q4 .4 30-65 W, X4 .15 30-70 W, T6 .2 40-130 W, T12 .15 80-90 W, M2 .25 30-50 W, Mesh .15 40-80 W), TFV9 (.15 40-90 W ), TFV16 ( Single Mesh .17 120 W, Dual Mesh .12 80-160 W),
TFV18 (Single Mesh .15 80-140 W, Single Mesh .33 80-140 W),
V12 Prince (Max Mesh .17 80-130 W, Dual Mesh .2 85-105 W, Triple Mesh .15 80-130 W, Q4 .15 40-100 W, X6 .25 50-120 W, T10 .12 80-110 W, Prince Strip .15 40-100 W, Prince Mesh .15 40-110 W),
RPM Mesh (MTL Mesh .8 16 W, Mesh .4 25 W, RPM Triple .6 25 W),
RPM 2 Mesh (Mesh .16 25-50 W, MTL .6 12-50 W),
Nord (Ceramic 1.4 12 W, Regular 1.4 12 W, Mesh .6 25 W, MTL .8 16 W),

FreeMax Coils for FreeMax Tanks : Freemax Single Mesh (Single Mesh .15 40-70 Watts),
Freemax Double Mesh (M2 .2 Ohms 60-90 Watts),
Freemax Triple Mesh (Triple Mesh .15 80-110 W, M3 .15 80-110 W),
Freemax Quad Mesh (Quad Mesh .15 60-80 W, M4 .15 70-110 W),
Fireluke (X1 Mesh .15 40-90 W, X2 Mesh .2 40-80 W, NX2 Mesh .5 20-50 W, X3 Mesh .15 50-90 W, X4 Mesh .15 40-80 W, TX1 .15 40-90W, TX2 .2 40-80 W),
Falcon (M Dual .38 80 W, M2 .16 70-80 W, Triple Mesh .15 80-85),
Falcon King ( M1 .15 70-80 W, M1 Plus .16 75 W)

VooPoo Coils for Voopoo Tanks & Pod Mod Pnp (TM1 .6 20-25 W, TM2 .8 12-18 W, VM3 .45 25-35 W, VM4 .6 20-28 W, M2 .6 20-28 W, VM1 .3 32-40 W, VM5 .2 40-60 W, VM5 .15 60-80 W)
TPP (DM1 .15 60-90 W, DM2 .2 40-60 W, DM3.15 80-100 W, DM4.3 32-40 W),
Drag Nano 2
(1.2 Pod, .8 Pod)
Uwell Coils for Uwell Tanks (Caliburn pod, Valyrian, Havok)
Caliburn Pod (1.4 BLACK, 1.2 RED)
Caliburn A2 Pod (.9 MESH, 1.2 UN MESHED-H)
Caliburn G (Caliburn G Empty pod, 1.0 10-15 W)
Caliburn G2 (Caliburn G2 Empty pod, 1.2 9-13 W)
Valyrian (.18 Mesh 90-100 W, II .32 Mesh 90-100 W, II .14 Dual Mesh 80-90 W, II .16 Triple Mesh 90-100 W, II .15 Quad Mesh 100-120 W, III .32 Mesh 80-85 W, III .14 Dual Mesh 80-90 W)
Havok ( V1 .25 40-45 W, V1 .6 20-25 W)
Nunchaku (.25 40-50 W, .4 45-55 W)
Aspire Coils for Aspire Tanks (Nautilus, BVC) Nautilus (.7 18-23 W, 1.6 7-11 W, 1.8 10-14 W) (Nautilus X 1.5 14-20 W)
BVC (1.6 3.0-4.2 V, 1.8 9-13 W, FLAT 1.8 4.2-5.0 V, 2.1 5.0-6.0 V)
Clieto (Mesh .15 60-75 W, PRO .5 60-80 W, .4 40-60 W, .27 40-55 W)
SuorinCoils for Suorin Pods
SuorinAir ( Suorin Air Pods, Suorin Air Pro Pods, SuorinAir Mini Pods)
SuorinDrop 2 Suorin Drop 2 pods)
Air Suorin Md (Empty pods, .6 Mesh, .8 Mesh)
Suorin Trident (Empty pods, .2 Single Mesh, .2 Triple Mesh)
Vaporesso Coils for Vaporesso Tanks
GTX (.2 45-60 W, .3 32-45 W, .8 12-16 W, .6 20-26 W)
EUC (Ceramic .5 16-22 W, Mesh .6 16-22 W)
Xros (Xros S 1.2 Pod, Xros S .8 Pod)

Need work done on your mod or tank? Our vaping store can help you with that too. We sell replacement glass, screws, and O-rings. We carry legitimate replacement coils and vape pods of many varieties from authorized dealers and rebuildable supplies, including coil jigs, replacement screws, ceramic tweezers, and a variety of organic wicking cotton.

Need work done on your mod or tank? Our vape store can help you with that too. We stock and sell a huge variety of replacement tank glass, 18650 batteries, 510 vape pen batteries, 510 cell batteries, replacement screws, and O-rings, organic cotton and lots of replacement parts for vape gear. We carry legitimate replacement coils and vape pods of many varieties from authorized dealers and rebuildable supplies, including coil jigs, replacement screws, ceramic tweezers, and a variety of organic wicking cotton.

Wotofo Recurve RDA Rebuildable dripping atomizers

Come visit our brick and mortar vaping store and experience knowledgeable and family friendly staff, FREE drinks, rebuilds, maintenance and much more.  Come visit us and witness the difference that is Lone Star Vaping! We also have a clearance section with some of the cheapest vapes, discounted mechanical mods, and cheaper coils we sell.

Our vape store is located at 6111 Tezel Road #108, San Antonio Tx, 78250. About four blocks from zip code 78251 and only 3 miles from Alamo Ranch zip code 78253. Looking for a vape store near me? We are worth the drive!

Vape Shop Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 10:30am – 8pm
Sunday: Noon - 6pm

Free soft drinks and Lone Star Beer. Relax with our free lounge area and awesome massage chair!

Come visit the best vape shop in San Antonio and try some of our premium vape juice!

Lone Star Vaping, Inc.
6111 Tezel Rd. Suite 108 San Antonio, Texas 78250 (we are right past where Culebra turns into Tezel Road)


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Are you looking for San Antonio CBD Store? We carry several CBD brands, including the Koi brand of cannabinoid oils & CBD Gummies which the manufacturer claims has zero THC, and only contains potent CBD oils. For more information, including the products and flavors we carry, click here.

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